Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's been a while!

But we finally got our wedding photos back!

I felt bad nagging at our photographer friend for them, but I was so effing excited to see pictures and relive our day again. We actually had a couple friends shoot our wedding.  One photographer, Luna Azul, shot the bulk of the photos. While she mainly does portrait/fashion and pet photography, she's awesome I think she got the important shots that we wanted.

Me and the dreamy groomsmen!

Evan was our officiant has been a longtime friend.  Everyone said he made the ceremony beautiful and meaningful, but entertaining and funny.  I was in such a daze during the ceremony, but I snapped out of it when I heard him say "g-string dipped in honey".  Awesome.

Our awesome wedding party!  Including my cousin Kelsey in the front who was our flower/leaf girl.

Everyone asks me who the wedding drunk was.  I think Sonja, who is falling off the stage yet still posing, is the top contender.  Ps check out my flat hobbit feet.  Thos 4 1/2 inch zombie heels didn't last too long, haha.

Our cupcake toppers!

Chris and my babealicious bridesmaids.

Saying our vows.  Chris' made everyone cry. Nothing better than seeing a bunch of tattooed kids and tough looking metal dudes with tears streaming down their faces.

So happy a boob didn't pop out.

Georgetown Ballroom.

Chris made an AMAZING playlist that I'll post eventually.  Everyone had a blast.

One of my favorite pictures of the night!


One of our reception tables was The Overlook Hotel, from The Shining.  Chris and I came up with 14 horror movie locations from our favorite horror films and created our own unique centerpieces for each table.

The Black Lodge table, from Twin Peaks.

Our delicious cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes!  Our friend Berlin works in events at Trophy, and she put together these killer cupcakes with edible images on top!

You can check out Luna's portfolio at Luna Azul Photography!  She takes adorable pictures of puppies :)  Luna is located in Seattle.

Another photographer was my best friend Keleigh.  Keleigh is a really awesome wedding photographer, but she was also a bridesmaid so she couldn't take pictures of the ceremony or group shots.  She still managed to get a lot of killer shots!
The ceremony room setup.  One of the groomsmen lined the aisle with fall leaves that we had gathered that morning.


I'm a makeup artist, so even though it was my big day, there was no way I was letting anyone else do my makeup, dammit.  And my wonderful bridesmaid Sonya did everyone's hair.

Right before the ceremony.  I love this picture.

My parents and Chris and I.  My bouquet ruled.  I bought it that morning at Pike Place Market, along with all of the flowers for my bridesmaids.  Total cost: $55.


Probably my favorite photo of the evening.

The lighting at Georgetown Ballroom is amazing!

My cousins Steph and Chris, and my maid of honor and sister, Jen and her husband, Matt, who was a groomsman.

Megan's T-rex arm nipple rubbing dance, and a very packed dance floor.

The owner of the ballroom had a prophouse next door, so he brought over an antique coffin to add to our Halloween themed reception.

You can check out some of Keleigh's work on her blog, and eventually on her website when it's up and running!  Keleigh is located in Southern California.

These are awesome enough and there's tons more.  I also heard that a couple people videotaped the ceremony which I'd love to see.  While I was terrified about tumbling down a flight of stairs when I was making my entrance, I was told that Chris' lower lip was trembling so hard.  I'd love to see that :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding grubbage!

So I'm still waiting for pro pics to post and flood my entire blog, and I understand they take a while to edit and I'm trying to be as patient as possible, I'm just so goddamn excited.  So for now, I've been going through friend's photos on facebook of the wedding and giggling to myself about how ridiculous we all looked on the dance floor, because even in pictures you can tell we're all doing the 'hey we have no rhythm and we're whiter than bleached cow skulls' dance.  Yay!

I wish I could gush about how great the food was.  It was... okay.  It wasn't terrible, but we were terribly underwhelmed.  We were promised a lot that didn't get delivered (like hearty vegan options for vegan friends), the buffet table was half empty at times because the catering staff was unprepared and sometimes MIA, and a lot of the time, guest's food was brought back to the table and it was already less than luke warm.  The one thing that people loved was the NACHO CHEESE FOUNTAIN.
Happy father of the bride!
Unfortunately, our catering company wasn't the genius that added this to the menu, it was Chris and I.  But fortunately, when people talk about our wedding food, all they can talk about was how amazing the fountain was, and I totally understand because nacho cheese is my form of crack and if I could live off it forever without becoming a whale I would.  Sigh.  Shattered dreams.  Anywhoser,  it seemed like people weren't completely bummed on our white trash gourmet buffet (when it was all available and not ice cold) of hazelnut encrusted halibut strips, mac and cheese, fries, pork sliders, house made pretzels and sausages, etc.  The same company offered to cater a private party for us of up to 30 people at no charge since we spent close to $4,000 on food and were pretty disappointed, so that rules and hopefully it'll change our minds about them.

One AMAZING vendor at our wedding was Trophy Cupcakes!!!  Trophy has a handful of locations here in Seattle and they never ever disappoint.  My wonderful babealicious friend Berlin puts together special orders for weddings and large parties and made me gasp when I finally saw our cupcake table.

They came out better than I could have expected!  She asked us to send images to print onto edible frosting paper and these are the two she chose:
Left 4 Dead hands because we are giant nerds.

'Night of the Living Dead' girl!
Please, if you're reading this and debating on wedding cupcakes, give Trophy your business!  They're super easy to work with and add absolutely no additional stress to your wedding plans, which is HUGE.  On top of the cupcakes looking amazing, they were delicious and we were able to take a bunch home after.

I promise, after this post, no bum outs!  Everything else about our wedding went incredibly smooth and we had so much fun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best photobooth picture goes to:

Reed, Keleigh, Joe and Tracey.  Hands down.  No wonder the floors were so sticky at the end of the night.

I promise I'll be posting lots of wedding details soon!  I'm still waiting for all of the pro pics to get back to us.  I'm so excited to get them but I know it'll be a major cry fest for Chris and I.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The wedding was amazing!!!

So many details.  When I get more pics and time, I'll post them, but for now I'll leave you with this:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

disappointments blow.

guh.  i just got news that one of my really good friends from back home can't come.  it's so last minute, and my brain is already mush from going over details and schedules and stuff constantly, that i can't even figure out how to feel.  i'm so sad.  i mean, i've got a ton of other people coming that i'm so excited to see and can't believe they're all coming up here to attend our wedding. but... it's hard to hear when people that mean so much to you can't make it.

sigh. im exhausted.  i can't wait til monday, but i wish that everyone i wanted there was there,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet our officiant.

Unfortunately, that's not Evan's actual body, but a cleverly photoshopped swimsuit model's body.  I think this pictures been around for like 5 years, and it tricks people all the time.  I wish I remembered who actually created this gem, because I'd send them a pie or one of my cats or something else awesome.

Anywho, I've known Evan for about 7 years.  We met while working at House of Blues in Anaheim.  Evan's always been an entertainer and an awesome buddy.  One of my favorite memories of Evan was while working at Gospel Brunch at HOB and setting up the venue for the second showing.  Someone turned on 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by The Darkness, and Evan jumped up on the stage and started to dance and sing along, and the production dudes turned on all of the stage lights while he danced around for the entire song.  He then jumped back down and got to work.  How do I not have a video of that?!?!  Sigh.  He's now a kick ass beer brewer in Southern California, and lives in Orange, CA with his lovely lady Aubrey.

So why did we choose Evan?  Well, getting married is a really special and personal day.  We didn't feel comfortable with some random dude that knows nothing about us writing a ceremony about us and being a part of our big moment (although I have to give props to my sister and her husband for picking a random minister off a list solely based on his name, Don Johnson).  Chris and I thought about who we wanted to have perform our ceremony and Evan was the first name out of both of our mouths.  What makes us even happier about our choice is how excited Evan is to do this.  Plus Evan is probably the funniest guy I've ever met, so I know that not only will the ceremony be wonderfully written, but funny and personal at the right moments.  And I know the dance floor will never be empty with this guy around.
Taken by me in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico!
We love you Evan!  And we can't wait to see you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's the final countdown!

So in less than an hour, we'll be counting down from 7 days.  7 MOTHER FUCKING DAYS!  AHHHHH! It's getting so close.  We still have some details to work out, but thank god we're organized.  Kind of.  Really I just have this to do list in my head.  It's like I have a set of escalator stairs with something to do painted on every step and it just keeps going and going and repeating... and then my irrational fear of getting shoelaces caught in the escalator monster happens even though I pretty much always wear flats, and I get side tracked and have to start over on my mental to do list.  Ugh.

So some fun things. We've been getting gifts in the mail which is super tits.  Last night we received a bunch of stuff from Cassie and Chipasaurus, including these:
Little bomb shaped shot glasses by Fred and Friends that were promptly filled with liquor.  It'd be rude to leave them empty right?  Please excuse our matchy matchy plaid shirts by the way, I was half dead when Chris left for work in the morning so I had no idea. is awesome for wedding registries because you can put soooooo much unrelated stuff on there.  Except pet polar bears.  So Amazon gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Joeymonster came over and worked on some fun photobooth props with me while we watched awesome torture porn, like Frontier(s) and Saw 2.

So for the next 3 days we'll be finishing up loose ends and drinking lots of shots.  It's overwhelming but I know it'll all be worth it.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself to breath and focus on something distracting and silly.  So, an image of this little buddy, Basil, makes everything okay and I don't feel the need to curl up into the fetal position and cover my eyes.