Friday, May 28, 2010

non religious prayers answered!

In the form of a bridesmaid dress!  Yay!!!

My sister mentioned to me that had an article on 'Dresses Bridesmaids Want to Wear'.  I was scanning through and found this:

Perfect.  Figure flattering on everyone, simple, can ACTUALLY be worn again, not too expensive (I've seen it for about $120-$130), not covered in rhinestones, doesn't look like a quincenera dress, can be ordered on the internet or through tons of specialty bridal stores, not slutty, etc etc.

So now, I guess I have to tell my sister/maid of honor 'I owe you', but I know she's going to request something ridiculous, like 'let me punch you in the face before the wedding', or 'let me kiss your fiance', or 'get me a bathtub filled with nacho cheese and slices of dry salami for dipping' (this is seriously close to one of her lifelong dreams).  I guess I'd go with the last request.

Monday, May 24, 2010



someone please buy this corset for me. 

Nipple tassels and fluffy panties.

That's what I'm going to end up picking for my bridesmaids to wear, because I'm hitting a wall here.

I don't even feel like I'm that picky.  I'm looking for black or deep red, short, flattering, and not totally beat. I don't want a buttload of rhinestones or anything silly like that. just simple, but pretty, and something my bridesmaids won't hate me for making them buy.  On that note, I'd also like to make sure they're not terribly expensive.  I've spent hours scouring the internet for any website that might have something that looks remotely like a bridesmaids dress and AUUUUGH.   I'm frustrated.

Especially when websites are full of crap like this:


So please internet gods, send help.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Because sometimes, color does matter.

The thought of wearing yards and yards of white satin-y fabric scares the crap out of me.  I rarely wear white, and if I do, it's nothing more than a shirt.  Ever since I became interested in what I was wearing, I'd say 70% of my closet was filled with black.

So you can understand my fear of the dreaded wedding gown.

It's not that I don't like to dress up.  And I can't wait to wear a giant awesome dress to our wedding, but I feel almost obligated to wear something white.  If I wore a black dress, I feel like it would be expected and maybe even looked down on a little.  I know it's my freaking wedding and I should do whatever I want, but part of me is finally liking the idea of shocking everyone when I come out in a 10 pound dress made of ivory colored fabric.  Sigh.  I'm very back and forth with my feelings on this.  And, like me, it's KIND of a big deal.

So I've considered two options:

Option A:  Wear an ivory gown, to the ceremony and the reception.  Add dark details for the reception, like a cute skeleton hand fascinator, or peacock feathers.  This is kind of what I'm thinking for a dress:

Option B:  Wear the dress above for the ceremony, pictures, etc.  THEN find a killer tea-length black dress for the reception.  I'm looking for something like this:
This was actually the dress I was thinking about having remade for me for my wedding gown initially.  It's a 1950's Ceil Chapman piece that is so fucking gorgeous, I'd probably skin one of my cats for it, depending on which one had the most annoying issues of the week.

I'm leaning toward option B, but odds are I'll change my mind every day.  All I know for sure, is that I'm rocking these OMzombieGesus heels for sure:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our wedding venue is a skeleton.

In the best of ways.

So far, the only sure thing is our venue.  We decided to do both the ceremony and the reception in the same place to cut down on costs and so no one has to drive all over town.  But finding a place hasn't been easy.  I swear I've spent a gazillion hours scanning every Seattle event page taking notes down on different locations and they've either been ugly, too expensive, too far away... and the worst issue ever..... NO BOOZE.  WTF.  Beer and wine ain't cuttin' it at our wedding.  How will a mosh pit ever start and how will I ever see gramma crowd surf without tequila shots lined up at the bar?

So one day, I randomly stumbled on a post on one of the greatest bridal websites ever, Offbeat Bride, about Seattle venues and found Georgetown Ballroom.  Chris and I toured it a few days later and were in love.  There's two giant rooms with awesome lighting, exposed brick and fun details everywhere, lofts for the bridal and groom suites, a catering kitchen, two bars, and a nice sized courtyard with lights strung up.  We can bring in out own booze, bartender, catering staff, etc etc.  It's like an already kick ass template that just needs details.

We still need to send in our deposit check, but our date's been held!  Ahhhh! Now I can get to planning EVERYTHING ELSE.