Friday, May 28, 2010

non religious prayers answered!

In the form of a bridesmaid dress!  Yay!!!

My sister mentioned to me that had an article on 'Dresses Bridesmaids Want to Wear'.  I was scanning through and found this:

Perfect.  Figure flattering on everyone, simple, can ACTUALLY be worn again, not too expensive (I've seen it for about $120-$130), not covered in rhinestones, doesn't look like a quincenera dress, can be ordered on the internet or through tons of specialty bridal stores, not slutty, etc etc.

So now, I guess I have to tell my sister/maid of honor 'I owe you', but I know she's going to request something ridiculous, like 'let me punch you in the face before the wedding', or 'let me kiss your fiance', or 'get me a bathtub filled with nacho cheese and slices of dry salami for dipping' (this is seriously close to one of her lifelong dreams).  I guess I'd go with the last request.

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