Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our wedding venue is a skeleton.

In the best of ways.

So far, the only sure thing is our venue.  We decided to do both the ceremony and the reception in the same place to cut down on costs and so no one has to drive all over town.  But finding a place hasn't been easy.  I swear I've spent a gazillion hours scanning every Seattle event page taking notes down on different locations and they've either been ugly, too expensive, too far away... and the worst issue ever..... NO BOOZE.  WTF.  Beer and wine ain't cuttin' it at our wedding.  How will a mosh pit ever start and how will I ever see gramma crowd surf without tequila shots lined up at the bar?

So one day, I randomly stumbled on a post on one of the greatest bridal websites ever, Offbeat Bride, about Seattle venues and found Georgetown Ballroom.  Chris and I toured it a few days later and were in love.  There's two giant rooms with awesome lighting, exposed brick and fun details everywhere, lofts for the bridal and groom suites, a catering kitchen, two bars, and a nice sized courtyard with lights strung up.  We can bring in out own booze, bartender, catering staff, etc etc.  It's like an already kick ass template that just needs details.

We still need to send in our deposit check, but our date's been held!  Ahhhh! Now I can get to planning EVERYTHING ELSE.

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