Monday, July 5, 2010

fiance is a genius.

I've been racking my brain trying to think of cute engagement photo ideas.  I'm so sick of the cliche ones that I see everywhere, but no, I'm not going to list what ones I totally hate cos odds are someone's going to read this blog and get offended, and it's going to be a friend or acquaintance or family member or gramma and they're gonna be like 'Wow that Christy is one big crusty bitch', and I'M NOT A CRUSTY BITCH.

Super awkward.  Super gross.

Anywhoser, I was going through a random file on my compy and I saw a still of John Cusak in 'Say Anything' where he's holding up a boom box to his lady's upstairs window playing Peter Gabriel.  I jokingly told Chris that we should replicate that shot, and he said 'Hey, we should do the last scene in 'Sixteen Candles' too, with the birthday cake.

DING!  Brilliant idea light bulb.  So now we need to compile a list of awesomely adorable and recognizable stills from films.

Like this one.


  1. Ok. This is a totally awesome idea. Also, I am still laughing at that picture of the couple on the beach. WTF?

  2. Also, Chris will want to be John Cusack in as many movies as possible. Grosse Pointe Blank for sure.

    The possibilities are seriously endless. Evil Dead 2? The Big Lebowski? What About Bob??


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