Friday, July 16, 2010

If the cats don't stop shedding, I'm putting them in jars and displaying them at the reception.

GUH.  Cat fur in the summer.  So gross.  It's all over the house and somehow it ends up in my mouth and then I almost puke on the cats because it grosses me out so much.  So while trying to think of solutions, and while Joel is currently headbutting me AND IT'S TOTALLY ANNOYING JOEL (I hope cats can read), I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to stuff them into jars and put them on display at the reception.  See?  This is why I have a blog and don't say things out loud because I end up thinking about stuff that even creeps me out.

So I've been researching lots of fun Halloween-y reception decoration ideas that don't involve dead cats.  Our venue, like many others, doesn't allow you to tack up stuff on the walls and wants us to use something to catch wax in like little plates or human skulls if we're using candles.  So most of the decor will be on guest tables and the candy buffet.

So far, here's the inspiration I've found.
How cute are these?  And they look so simple.  I remember making a similar crafty thing like this in elementary school using baby food jars.  I've been collecting empty olive and sting bean jars from work so I can get a head start on these.

I was already thinking of having a drunken pumpkin carving party at our place before the wedding for some extra decorations, but I love the idea of painting them with chalkboard paint and leaving them on tables or just around the venue with chalk so guests can design them.  Although I'm sure by the end of the night they'll be covered in poorly drawn penises.

We're doing a set list of a few cocktails and then beer and wine.  I like this little chalkboard frame and the silly drink names and the cauldron o' beer.

I love this table set up!  But each guest table is going to be named after a famous horror movie location, like Bates Motel, The Winchester, Camp Crystal Lake, Elm St., etc, so I have to figure out how to incorporate that in.

Speaking of Bates Motel, I read about an awesome guest book table idea.  The website suggested dressing up a skeleton like Norman Bates' mom and setting up the table like the front desk of the motel.  Awesome.  Now I'm on a hunt for a human skeleton.

Send me ideas if you see any!

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  1. You know, as evil as she is Martha Stewart has some really great Halloween decorating ideas which might be super cool for your wedding. Check it out! :)


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