Friday, July 30, 2010

Since Gramma doesn't like the F-bomb.

Check out our wedsite!

I started the wedsite so that all of our relatives can get info about the wedding so I don't get a buttload of emails and texts and calls the week of the wedding.  Because I don't want to have a nervous breakdown and strangle a hobo.  Also, I realized that I let my sailor mouth run free on this blog, and some of my relatives might not understand my sarcasm and send the ASPCA over to my apartment because they think I'm really considering stuffing my cats into jars for the wedding.  Which I kind of am still, but shhhhh.

I feel like if I don't pound the NO DATES thing into certain guests, they're going to just ignore it and bring their flavor of the months to my wedding and I'm going to have to shake hands with a bunch of dudes with used car salesman handshakes.  NOT INTO IT DON'T DO IT.  So that info is worded much more nicely in the FAQ section of the wedsite.

Let's see if it works.

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