Thursday, August 26, 2010

Success and cross dressing.

So I got my dress back from an amazing cleaner in Seattle (if you need a great dry cleaner PLEASE give Ding Ho Cleaners on Madison your business... totally affordable and very sweet).  The cleaner managed to get rid of I'd say 95% of the stains and yellowing.  If you've been following my blog, you may notice that some posts are missing.  I bitched about getting my wedding dress from a particular seller on a particular site, we'll call her Ageless (tranny) Jezebel.  The listing for the dress stated it was in excellent condition with no stains, and when it arrived it had a bunch of vintage stains on the silk under layer... pretty gross.  When I contacted her about it, I tried to work something out where she would give me a partial refund, because I wanted to keep the dress and try to get it cleaned and fixed... and she sold it to me without telling me about the staining and yellowing.  She ignored my request and told me to send it back.  When I went to leave feedback for her, the sketchy tranny had deleted the listing making it impossible for me to leave the feedback she deserved to warn other potential buyers that she may misrepresent her items.  So, long story short, I decided not to send her the dress back because who knows if she'd ever refund me, and I wrote a few rants (because I was justifiably pissed) and one of them happened to say I hope she got hit by a public transportation vehicle and she freaked out and told me she was going to report me and blah blah blah, big fat tranny tears, so I took the posts down as she requested and I complied so she'd leave me alone and told her to never contact me again... and if she does, that's harassment.

So, instead of writing another 'death wish blog' as tranny pants called it, I'll keep her sacred name safe and I hope she knows that she has not only pissed off me, but a lot of other people that continue to smear her name on the internet.  And she really shouldn't care considering she has 100% (totally fixed) feedback.  Keep on selling, you hot mess, and I hope you look in the mirror and realize that you look like a dude with bad makeup.

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