Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going going back back to Ka'anapali!

Yay!!!!! We get to go back to Maui and stay at the same wonderful hotel we stayed at last time.  We decided to put off our honeymoon til January because it gave us more options with Gramma's timeshare and we can save up a bit of cash for it.  PLUS we're hoping that the weather will be crappy here and then we'll get to escape to Maui and enjoy some sunshine and snorkeling.  AND whales are usually spotted off the coast December to March, so we'll be able to see those buddies flopping around from our balcony while we drink POG drivers all morning.

We'd still like to do a mini honeymoon on our weekend after the wedding, but I'm not really sure where to go.  Chris still doesn't have his passport, so Canada's out of the question.  So I'm thinking of a few options.

Option A:  Driving up to Port Townsend and staying at The Palace Hotel for a couple nights.  The Palace Hotel used to be a brothel and all of the rooms are named after the hookers that used them.  Sexy!  There's even a Miss Lou room.  I've heard there's tons of crazy antique shops to explore in Port Townsend.

Option B:  Drive through the Olympic Pennisula.  I've heard it's a drive but it's so incredibly green and gorgeous.  There's tons of little cabins on the water to rent.  Hiking and exploring and relaxing together alone sounds so nice after a crazy wedding.  Here's some places I've been considering:

Option C:  Making a fort at home.  Or finding a new apartment that gives us a parking spot.  So not looking forward to searching for parking this winter, considering some sassy storm called La Nina is supposed to rape the Northwest this year.  Yay!  I'm gonna wake up every day and make a snow angel.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

37 days.


I just counted the days left til the wedding on the calendar.  So much to do still!

Fortunately, Chris and I have been working on a ton of stuff.  We finalized catering, which is being provided by Skillet Street Food.  Yes!  They created a personalize menu for us... just wait for the gourmet white trash buffet.  SO stoked.  We also researched candy for the candy buffet and will be purchasing it this week, and we bought really amazing apothecary jars at Michael's with a bunch of 50% off coupons.  I emailed the photobooth company to reserve the booth, and Chris and I put together these little terrariums for the tables:
So fun!!!  They'll be accompanying our centerpieces on the tables.

We still have a ton to do, but we're devoting our weekends to getting everything finished.  I also started a twitter account so I can post short updates more often.  Click here to check it out and add me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Okay, so I'm sitting at the Unicorn in Capitol Hill having some drinks and blogging.  I'm really into this 'taking my compy to bars and looking like a busy but confident uber nerd'.  And, if you couldn't tell, I've had a drink or four in me because my title is in all caps.  If someone brought some nacho cheese into this joint, we'd have a full on bloodlust/bath going. WATCH OUT.

Anywhoser, I've been working on table centerpieces for the last few hours.  Chris and I are massive horror movie nuts, so we want each of  the reception tables to be a different horror movie location.  The first handful were easy... Elm Street, Amity Island, Camp Crystal Lake, The Winchester, Bates Motel, Overlook Hotel, etc.  And each centerpiece is going to be awesome, like a typewriter for the Overlook Hotel with a typed page that says 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

Now I'm stuck.  Because I want a Texas Chainsaw Massacre table, but what kind of location would be recognized from the film?  The van they're traveling in?  The Family house?  The dinner table?  And what kind of centerpiece can I come up with for that?  A bunch of skinned faces?  Ugh.  Then I thought about all of the classic films I forgot, but none of them give me a goddamn location.  Like The Exorcist...  what am I gonna do, call the table 'Regan's Bed' and hire some crack head to sit in the middle of the table and thrust a crucifix at her crotch for the entire reception?  I could just see gramma vomiting on the table and crying and convulsing on the ground.  Not okay.  I don't want vomit at my wedding.
can we just set this up on gramma and pepaws table?



Off to future band practice.  Just played my first game ever of Dungeons and Dragons!  I was invited because I looked like enough of a loner in the back of the bar by myself to play.  Tits!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kauai or The Big Island?

Gramma (the artist formally known as Gramma Crazy Pants) has offered yet another Hawaii timeshare weekend for Chris and I to use for our honeymoon.  This is totally tits, because hotels are expensive, especially bouge-fest resorts.  We really wanted to go back to the Ka'anapali Beach Club in Maui:
If this place had an ass, there would be majestic unicorns flying out of it.

But unfortunately they're booked all of November, as is most of Maui.  Lame.  So we have the choice of Kauai or the Big Island.  I mean we could do Oahu, but Oahu is like LA with better beaches, so why would we want to go back to that?  Yech.

But now we have a dilemma.  Big Island or Kauai?
This is what I've been told about each island.

Big Island!!
It's big.
Beaches are amazing and the snorkeling is great...
but it's a drive to each beach.
When you fly in, it's kind of disappointing because of all of the lava fields uglying up the island.
It's generally warm with little rain.
The hotels available don't have the most epic of pools.
The reefs are the 'healthiest' (fat fish?)
You can snorkel with mother effing manta rays.  And they're like puppies.
There's an active volcano on the island.

It's much smaller.
It's lush...
because it rains often.
It's relaxing and quiet.
Everything shuts down at 6pm.
The sea life is a little more interesting because of it being the furthest out.
It's gorgeous.
There's a place that looks like the Grand Canyon.

Arg!  I put up a post on facebook asking friends what to do, and pretty much everyone said Kauai.  My Dad swears by the Big Island.  I'm sure we won't be disappointed wherever we go, but I just want to have an awesome time like we did in Maui. 

And I'm doing this at Linda's while I'm in the middle of research of other wedding stuff and Jason just made fun of me for being at work when I'm not working. BOOOOOOO.  If I had a backyard like Jason's I'd be researching there, BUT I DON'T.  I have a terrifying plant balcony.  That's all.
Action shot!