Saturday, September 18, 2010

37 days.


I just counted the days left til the wedding on the calendar.  So much to do still!

Fortunately, Chris and I have been working on a ton of stuff.  We finalized catering, which is being provided by Skillet Street Food.  Yes!  They created a personalize menu for us... just wait for the gourmet white trash buffet.  SO stoked.  We also researched candy for the candy buffet and will be purchasing it this week, and we bought really amazing apothecary jars at Michael's with a bunch of 50% off coupons.  I emailed the photobooth company to reserve the booth, and Chris and I put together these little terrariums for the tables:
So fun!!!  They'll be accompanying our centerpieces on the tables.

We still have a ton to do, but we're devoting our weekends to getting everything finished.  I also started a twitter account so I can post short updates more often.  Click here to check it out and add me!

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