Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Okay, so I'm sitting at the Unicorn in Capitol Hill having some drinks and blogging.  I'm really into this 'taking my compy to bars and looking like a busy but confident uber nerd'.  And, if you couldn't tell, I've had a drink or four in me because my title is in all caps.  If someone brought some nacho cheese into this joint, we'd have a full on bloodlust/bath going. WATCH OUT.

Anywhoser, I've been working on table centerpieces for the last few hours.  Chris and I are massive horror movie nuts, so we want each of  the reception tables to be a different horror movie location.  The first handful were easy... Elm Street, Amity Island, Camp Crystal Lake, The Winchester, Bates Motel, Overlook Hotel, etc.  And each centerpiece is going to be awesome, like a typewriter for the Overlook Hotel with a typed page that says 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'.

Now I'm stuck.  Because I want a Texas Chainsaw Massacre table, but what kind of location would be recognized from the film?  The van they're traveling in?  The Family house?  The dinner table?  And what kind of centerpiece can I come up with for that?  A bunch of skinned faces?  Ugh.  Then I thought about all of the classic films I forgot, but none of them give me a goddamn location.  Like The Exorcist...  what am I gonna do, call the table 'Regan's Bed' and hire some crack head to sit in the middle of the table and thrust a crucifix at her crotch for the entire reception?  I could just see gramma vomiting on the table and crying and convulsing on the ground.  Not okay.  I don't want vomit at my wedding.
can we just set this up on gramma and pepaws table?



Off to future band practice.  Just played my first game ever of Dungeons and Dragons!  I was invited because I looked like enough of a loner in the back of the bar by myself to play.  Tits!

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