Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going going back back to Ka'anapali!

Yay!!!!! We get to go back to Maui and stay at the same wonderful hotel we stayed at last time.  We decided to put off our honeymoon til January because it gave us more options with Gramma's timeshare and we can save up a bit of cash for it.  PLUS we're hoping that the weather will be crappy here and then we'll get to escape to Maui and enjoy some sunshine and snorkeling.  AND whales are usually spotted off the coast December to March, so we'll be able to see those buddies flopping around from our balcony while we drink POG drivers all morning.

We'd still like to do a mini honeymoon on our weekend after the wedding, but I'm not really sure where to go.  Chris still doesn't have his passport, so Canada's out of the question.  So I'm thinking of a few options.

Option A:  Driving up to Port Townsend and staying at The Palace Hotel for a couple nights.  The Palace Hotel used to be a brothel and all of the rooms are named after the hookers that used them.  Sexy!  There's even a Miss Lou room.  I've heard there's tons of crazy antique shops to explore in Port Townsend.

Option B:  Drive through the Olympic Pennisula.  I've heard it's a drive but it's so incredibly green and gorgeous.  There's tons of little cabins on the water to rent.  Hiking and exploring and relaxing together alone sounds so nice after a crazy wedding.  Here's some places I've been considering:

Option C:  Making a fort at home.  Or finding a new apartment that gives us a parking spot.  So not looking forward to searching for parking this winter, considering some sassy storm called La Nina is supposed to rape the Northwest this year.  Yay!  I'm gonna wake up every day and make a snow angel.

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