Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding grubbage!

So I'm still waiting for pro pics to post and flood my entire blog, and I understand they take a while to edit and I'm trying to be as patient as possible, I'm just so goddamn excited.  So for now, I've been going through friend's photos on facebook of the wedding and giggling to myself about how ridiculous we all looked on the dance floor, because even in pictures you can tell we're all doing the 'hey we have no rhythm and we're whiter than bleached cow skulls' dance.  Yay!

I wish I could gush about how great the food was.  It was... okay.  It wasn't terrible, but we were terribly underwhelmed.  We were promised a lot that didn't get delivered (like hearty vegan options for vegan friends), the buffet table was half empty at times because the catering staff was unprepared and sometimes MIA, and a lot of the time, guest's food was brought back to the table and it was already less than luke warm.  The one thing that people loved was the NACHO CHEESE FOUNTAIN.
Happy father of the bride!
Unfortunately, our catering company wasn't the genius that added this to the menu, it was Chris and I.  But fortunately, when people talk about our wedding food, all they can talk about was how amazing the fountain was, and I totally understand because nacho cheese is my form of crack and if I could live off it forever without becoming a whale I would.  Sigh.  Shattered dreams.  Anywhoser,  it seemed like people weren't completely bummed on our white trash gourmet buffet (when it was all available and not ice cold) of hazelnut encrusted halibut strips, mac and cheese, fries, pork sliders, house made pretzels and sausages, etc.  The same company offered to cater a private party for us of up to 30 people at no charge since we spent close to $4,000 on food and were pretty disappointed, so that rules and hopefully it'll change our minds about them.

One AMAZING vendor at our wedding was Trophy Cupcakes!!!  Trophy has a handful of locations here in Seattle and they never ever disappoint.  My wonderful babealicious friend Berlin puts together special orders for weddings and large parties and made me gasp when I finally saw our cupcake table.

They came out better than I could have expected!  She asked us to send images to print onto edible frosting paper and these are the two she chose:
Left 4 Dead hands because we are giant nerds.

'Night of the Living Dead' girl!
Please, if you're reading this and debating on wedding cupcakes, give Trophy your business!  They're super easy to work with and add absolutely no additional stress to your wedding plans, which is HUGE.  On top of the cupcakes looking amazing, they were delicious and we were able to take a bunch home after.

I promise, after this post, no bum outs!  Everything else about our wedding went incredibly smooth and we had so much fun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best photobooth picture goes to:

Reed, Keleigh, Joe and Tracey.  Hands down.  No wonder the floors were so sticky at the end of the night.

I promise I'll be posting lots of wedding details soon!  I'm still waiting for all of the pro pics to get back to us.  I'm so excited to get them but I know it'll be a major cry fest for Chris and I.